• Sheat ChevrahPre Rosh Hashana Mega Challah Bake
    For Women and Girls 11+
    September 7 | Thursday | 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Trip to Ohel and BrooklynSeptember 12 | Tuesday
    Fee: $180 - includes all expenses aside from airfare
    Please consider being a sponsor to help cover the cost of this trip.

    *Book your tickets now before the prices go up!

    United Airlines Flight #1982: ORD-LGA: 7 AM
    United Airlines Flight #1807: LGA-ORD: 9 PM
  • Alef Art Fall SessionWe have six exciting classes this Fall!
  • Synagogue ServicesA community that prays together stays together. Join us for regular daily, shabbat and holiday services in a warm, friendly environment.

    Sunday morning services: 7 am
    Monday morning services: 6 am
    Tuesday morning services: 6:15 am
    Wednesday morning services 6:15 am
    Thursday morning services: 6 am
    Friday morning services: 6:15 am
    Shabbat morning services: 9 am

    All services take place at Chabad Israeli Center:
    8750 Keeler Ave. Skokie
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